My Review On Chanel Soleil Tan De Chanel


Ive been hearing sooooooo much about this beautiful chanel product for quite awhile, and so i finally decided i HAVE to try this! So two days ago i took the plunge and bought it in mahon points debenhams for €37! The lady at the counter told me its something you wont be able to live without once youve tried it! Hmmmmm interesting, I actually wanted to open right then and there, and smear it all over my face just to see what the big deal was! Dont worry, i didnt lol i restrained myself and waited until i got home to test this bad boy out! It’s actually called (stay with me here) Chanel Soleil Tan de Chanel Bronze Universel Embellisseur Effet Halé, or Bronzing Makeup Base.


So when i got home i sat down and started off doing my make up as normal, ive researched what you can do with this product and they say you can use it as a brozer for the face and body, you can use it under your foundation maybe if you forgot to put tan on your face (nobody likes that white face tanned body look) or what i used it for was like a contour ontop of my foundation! So basically once i applied my foundation and had my concealor on, i then went and used my small MAC stipple brush (also known as an airbrush foundation brush), put the bronzing cream were i wanted it such as around the edges of my face and under my cheek bones and jawbone, then i just blended it out and my god does it blend like a DREAM! When you see it first your kinda like YIKES its a bit dark but it blended out so smoothly and into such a gorgeous bronzy sunny look! I also had a bridal photoshoot the next day were i had to do hair and make up for two completley different models, i used the chanel cream bronzer on both and omg it was stunning on them! really gave them that sunkissed look without real structured lines you can sometimes get with just contouring!


So ladies im giving this product a FANtASTIC 10/10 because to be honest i dont know how they could have made this product any better! Its just so versetile and the one shade works on everyone! Its definetly a must have for your make-up bag or kit for any girl or artist!

Theres my full review, I hope i didnt bore ye as this is my first time blogging! I just want to share my thoughts and feedback on all things beauty in the hope to help you guys out!

Thanks so much for reading, Nichole xo

Theres my review


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