FHM sexiest women in the WORLD


Kylie Jenner has been all over Facebook and the news recently for a lot of things, so much so I think everyone seemed to forget a little bit about her older sister Kendal Jenner, the gorgeous up and coming model!

weeeeeell it seems like not everyone has forgotten about this beauty since she’s just come 2nd on the list for FHMs sexiest women in the WORLD! To be fair it’s no suprise, she is stunning and when ever I’m watching ‘keeping up with the Kardashians’ I always get the vibe that Kendal is I dunno just a bit nicer and down to earth then the rest of the clan! Maybe it’s just me, but she seems like she has her head screed on!

Here’s the top 5 for this year! image

Michelle Keenan Has come #1 this year ladies!! She came 2nd in 2014 and 4th in 2013! She’s some women, she’s absolutley gorgeous from her tan to her hair👌

I don’t think kendals sisters, especially Kim Kardashian will be too happy about her sister beating her in this pole☺️ You go Kendal 😁👌


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