Kylie Jenners Famous “Lip” Debate!!!

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Okay so we all know for the last few months kylie jenner is getting a hell of a lot of publicity from just her lips alone! When peopple first started taking notice of her lips (how could you not) everyone was kinda like “No way like they have got to be fake, Lip injections defo!!!” Then there was an interview with her famous big sis, kim kardashian who told the presenter, nooo theres no sugerery or injections, its all totally natural! I was like ehhhhh what??? then she went on to explain and even name out the products kylie uses to get these plump lips! I bought it for maybe a few weeks and i think everyone else did aswel,untill i seen other photos emerge and then i was outy! LIke i am sorry but there is no way what so ever that girls lips are all natural! I have no problem at all with lip injections but why lie about it when you can clearly see the results?


I am a make up artist myself and im not denieying that you cant achieve fuller lips by over lining the lip area and using some highlighting tools buuut your still gonna notice the difference! You cant actually plump someones lips phsically out if there lips are small and flat? You can judge yourselfs but i believe she has goten lip injuections and that actually shes getting them bigger each time! Kylie for gods sake just come out and admit it, everyone will still be obsessed with your lips and how gorgeous you are!

11180082_10153009595054864_1899549114_n 11165842_10153009595124864_211786927_n

Reason why im so adiment on my point? because if your a fan of the show geordie shore you will know charolotte and holly, there lips are like the exact same as kylies and they even post the pictures on instagram of when there getting the injections done! Let me know what you think guys 🙂


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