Quitting Smoking!


Hello to all my Beauty’s❤️, I hope your all well!

Okay so today I just wanted to tell people about how Right now I feel I am finished with cigarettes FOREVER!!

When I was younger I hated people smoking and I even used to hide my grandas fags so he couldn’t smoke them! I was totally against it and even as I got older to about 13/14 I wasn’t even a little bit curious about trying out smoking for myself even thou a lot of my friends were started at that stage! I suppose it all started when I was going to house parties with friends and having drinks at about 18 when I started having the odd puff here and there only while I was drinking! But we all know how that goes, you eventually keep building up your intake and then it just comes to the stage when you realise your a full on smoker🙊!!!

Everyone trues to to quit and believe me it’s a hell of a lot easier then it sounds! Nobody’s obviously wants to be addicted to cigarettes and have to depend on something so unhealthy, but it happens the best of us! I gave up about 2 years ago while using an electronic cigarette and I was off them for 4 months until one night while out in Liverpool I was like ‘sure feck it’! I found the electric fag great for cravings but to be honest I think your better off going cold turkey as with the electric fag your still dependent really!

I’m extremely prone to throat infections and last year I hd to go to the doctors because of my glands, I was very sick and what she told me scared me to death! She said if this tablet I’m giving you doesn’t help then you will need to go to the ear, nose and throat unit to get your glands drained by needle! Then you will need your tonsils out and because your prone to throat infections it’s a very dangerous operation as each time u get an infection, your throat scars so that means they will uve to cut as deep as all those scars and you could bleed out on the table! Now for someone who has never been to hospital for any injuries, hates needles and to be fair is a ‘wingy bah’ at the best of times, I was absolutely terrified!! I got home took the tablet, cried my heart out to my mam who told me to go to her bed and sleep it off!



But I didnt, after I got better I totally forgot about what the doctor had told me and continued smoking! Until recently my boyfriend Philip was onto me about giving them up and I was like yeah I know I know! So I was eating them then because I knew I wouldn’t have to much time left before I had to actually give them up! Then I came down with a throat infection, one that totally threw me and had me in huge amounts of pain from everywhere in bed, but worse of all I couldn’t swallow properly and felt very short on breath.

BOOM that’s when it hit me!! I had it non stop for a whole week! I told Philip the second day I had it ‘I am never touching a fag again, not even when I drink!’ He just smirked and said ‘yeah okay baby, rest now’ probably because I was dozed out of it in bed with all my meds to help lol but I knew in my own head I’m never going back! I’m only just recovered and I can tell you I’ve never been so scared in my life🙉!! Everything that doctor said just flashed through my mind and i was like ‘fuuuuuuuuuck’ that’s not the way I want to end up something’s got be done!

So I’m off them a full 2weeks now so far and I know It sounds funny and ridiculous because I’m saying no I’m off them for good  haha my grind when I told him I was off them for good he was like how long are you off them so far? Me: only one week now but I just know it’s different because of the fright I got! He just burst out laughing at me lol but my point of this blog post is to say I know personally there’s no use someone at you saying oh there very bad for you, or to quit now or whatever! Your not going to be able to quit until it’s your time to! You need to be ready and strong to be able to not go back! I’m still getting cravings but I just think if what I’m actually putting into my body and that shortness of breath I had and so I stop!

Here’s a photo to give some encouragement, it shows the benefits of every few weeks of non smoking!


I hope this helps atleast a few people to think about quitting for good, thanks guys and please if you find this blog post good then share it on FB 👍

All my Love Nichole xo


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