Home workout routine for Leg,Back,Arm,Abs and Bum Days!


Hello all my beauty’s ❤️

I hope everyone is well💋

So I found myself looking through the Internet for some routines to do at home! I’m not great at joining gyms and I’m trying to steer clear of them for the moment because I pay for the year with great intentions but to be honest it just makes me even more flaky, and I end up not attending at all!! So home workouts would Definetly be best for me, combining them with some walking and jogging for the moment! I wanted seperate days, for example I want a day just for legs, a day just for abs and so on, as I feel you can get the best results this way! I found some really FAB workouts great for home exercising and all you need are Dumbbells!

I thought it would be great to share them with you if you wanted to try them out and are similar to me with the whole gym situation atm lol!

Here is the ‘Back Day Workout’ all you need are some dumbells and if you haven’t got the time or money to invest on a set of these then you could make do with some water bottles 👌 This day would be great for strengthening your back and getting rid of any extra fat you have there which would be at the sides and under your bra strap!


Here is the ‘Bum Day Workout’ perfect if you want to tighten up your bum and adding some muscle without loosing it! No equipment needed which is great!


Here is the ‘Arm Day Workout’ again you will need Dumbbells for these workouts but you can make do with some water bottles of you haven’t got them! These are perfect for toning your arms and defining them! Also getting rid of bingo wings!


Here is the ‘Abs Day Workout’ perfect for getting rid of that belly and Toning it up!! Again ni equipment needed for these!


Here re is the ‘Leg Day Workout’ perfect for toning tighs and all over leg, also reducing cellulite!


I hope these Routine days helped you out and maybe get back into some workouts even if it is at home, great place to start! You can also just easliy save these photos into your phone so you have them there to work from in future 🙂 Thanks for reading my blog, hope you enjoyed!

Lots of Love Nichole xox


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