6 signs that your bra is not doing its job!


Do you feel uncomfortable in your bra? Then unfortunately your bra is not doing its job!

  1. You cant wait to take your bra off the minute you walk through the door in the evening – it is probably the WRONG size.
  2. You look like you have four breasts. If your bra is too small, excess flesh will bulge over the top and ruin the look of your clothes – You need a BIGGER bra.
  3. Your bra rides up the back – Then its too BIG , which also means your boobs are getting no support.
  4. The underwire is popping out into your flesh (I think this has happened us all at some stage) – THROW it away!
  5. If its cutting into your breastbone – it is either too SMALL or else the straps are too TIGHT.
  6. You have sore, red welts on your shoulders at the end of the day – The bra is not SUPPORTING you enough.

Hope this has helped you out! There is definitely nothing more annoying than an uncomfortable bra!


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