My review on these three MAC products i have purchased

Hello to all my beautys ❤

While I was away in Manchester I picked up some new MAC products for my kit! I went with their Pro long wear concealer,
Prep + Prime Translucent Powder and Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.


For the above photo I used all these MAC products and now I am just going to talk you through how i used them, what i thought, what their price is and how they wore on my skin!

So I like to make sure my face is well moisturized as I have combination skin but at the moment I am finding it quite dry, Moisturized skin is the first step besides diet to keeping your skin looking great and the perfect canvas for your make up to be applied to!


Now with concealer I like to apply some before my foundation just to all my areas that i feel need a bit extra coverage, so I went ahead and using my fingers applied the MAC pro longwear concealer under my eyes in a triangle, at the sides of my nose and on the bridge of my nose as I was experiencing some redness at the time and then on any other areas such as blemishes if needed. I found the consistency of this concealer was definitely great as its liquid and thick without being pasty or cakey looking. The coverage in it was fantastic and once I blended it into my skin, I could tell it was not going to budge, which is what we all want!! I then apply my foundation and then i go ahead and repeat the same process again with my concealer, this just give me that extra bit of coverage that i love! As I thought, the concealer did not budge all night or crease…. Its €21.50 for a 9ml bottle which will last you aaaages so yup its 10/10 for me gals


The prep and prime Transparent setting powder. I believe everyone should use a translucent powder to set their foundation and it also helps your make up to stay on longer! With this mac translucent powder i applied it once i had my foundation, concealer and brows done because I use this to set them all. I get my fluffy powder brush and pat this silky powder under my eyes, on my t-zone and around my mouth. I found that it glided onto my face and it was absolutely seamless! No powder marks or dry patches and it also minimizes the look of pores on the face. It can be worn on your foundation like I have done or you can wear it alone to brighten up the face. Its €26 and i would definitely recommend it.


MAC studio fix foundation. This is a medium coverage foundation that is build-able,the texture is lovely as its easy to apply because of the liquid feel. I think it gives a lovely smooth airbrushed look to the face and makes everything pop! It lasted on my face the whole night and it was actually not the easiest to get off which is good! Its €31.50 for this foundation which is dearer then the drugstore brands but if you’re looking for a good quality foundation maybe for just when your going out then this a great one to invest in!!                                                                         10463866_1667559870139197_3989381941474922509_n Here is a photo of one my clients who I have used all the above three products on to get a flawless finish 🙂

Thanks for reading , Hope you enjoyed it ❤

All My Love Nichole xox


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