Bruce Jenners Sex Change


Goodmorning Everyone💋,

Today I was thinking about Bruce Jenner so I said I may Aswel write a blog post!

Since the whole Bruce Jenner wanting a sex change story finally broke in the media, it was a huge focus point for everyone’s conversations, and for good reason! I think myself along with everyone else was just sort of like WTF just happened here because we have seen him so much on tv as the loving father and he seemed to be a lot more old fashioned and protecting than kris, if your a fan of ‘keeping up with the kardashians’


Secondly my thoughts were omg that poor man had to live practically his whole life feeling like it was wrong and that he should have been a girl! Like how did he even manage to go so long without it coming out? He had two kids with his first wife, Casey and Burt, two kids with his second wife,Brandon and Brody and then he had Kendal and Kylie with Kris! All that time he had to keep his feelings a secret 😦 Tbh I am just so happy that he has finally been able to come out and be who he wants to be! Can you imagine how hard that is constantly being in the public eye? The fact his family are all great with it Aswel makes the world of a difference! I’m so happy he has finally had his sex change so he can begin to live his life the way he feels he should be! Go you Bruce! ❤️


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