Tall Girl Problems


Goodmorning everyone ❤️

So I’ve been seeing a lot of photos and things on social media about short girl problems and nothing about tall girl problems so I thought I would do this post for all the tall girls out there who feel the struggle, including myself!

1. When your dresses/skirts look EXTRA short because your legs are so long.

2. Refusing to tell people your weight, because if they don’t factor in your height it sounds like a lot.

3. Boob to face hugs.

4. By the turn you find pants long enough, there 5 sizes too big around the waist.

5. No I am not playing footsy with you, my legs just don’t fit under the table.

6. Having to wear boot with your jeans or ugg boots with you tracky because there too short.

Yes so there you have it, tall girls have there problems too lol! ❤️👌


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