What’s in my handbag TAG

Hello beauty’s 😍


So today I have decided to do the ‘what’s in my handbag’ TAG! I have never liked up with anyone to do a tag so I was excited to do this!! So below I will show you photos of my handbag and all the items inside as is lol!


So this is my beloved Micheal Korrs handbag I got for Christmas just gone of my thoughtful boyfriend Philip😍 I love everything about it, the colour, the shape and the strap style!


It has three compartments and this is what’s inside from an overall view! We are just back from the cinema so some of philips stuff are inside too.

So the first compartments consists of:


a ‘makeup for you’ stipple brush, my e-cigarette, a red juices tube gloss from Lancôme, a red lipstick, a red gloss from penny’s, and another red gloss from BH Cosmetics, a purple lip stain from Rimmel, three lip chaps, philips two inhalers, a face mask, three hair clips, salt sachets from maccy ds which I got Philip well ago lol because I’m such a good GF😂, a €2 coin, an English coin and a pink hair clamp!

The middle compartment has:


my passport and philips passport because we’re just back from Manchester, and my credit union book

Last compartment consists of:


A Burger King straw, a gold bangle, 2 hair gogos, my pill, two packets of tissue and my guess purse!

And that’s everything right now inside my handbag 😂 I will be doing my make up bag next so stay tuned for that one but I had a lot of fun with this 🙂 just even realising myself what was in there because I forget haha!


6 thoughts on “What’s in my handbag TAG

  1. Haha I know Eimear 🙂 That straw has survived in there for weeks from a night out were i thought extra straws would be a great idea lol! Yeah I am weak for my bag!! My boyfriend had all the women he knew, in to give him advice on the bag for my xmas pressie, sure god love him, but he did well to be fair to him ❤


  2. Awh thank you for the compliment and the tag 🙂 !!! It was so much fun I’m looking forward to some more 🙂 x


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