Meet the new Caitlyn Jenner😍

Hey guys 🙂 I hope everyone is doing well today! I just came across Bruce Jenners transformation photos for vanity fair magazine and OMG she looks AMAZING!!!! I think it’s fantastic that she can now be happy and content in her own skin❤️ Such a transformation, I actually didn’t even recognise that it was Bruce! Here are some photos

image image image image image

I wish Caitlyn all the best for the future❤️

Love nichole Xox


4 thoughts on “Meet the new Caitlyn Jenner😍

  1. Omg I know Catherine I was the exact same! Even worse I went into a video snipet that was up and he was talking over the video of the shoot and I was thinking hmmm that sounds a lot like Bruce Jenner😂 I still didnt realise until I saw a side by side photo later 🙊


  2. It took me ages yesterday to cop too, Caitlyn Jenner was trending and I thought she was a long lost sister like Aimee Osborne 😀 😀 😀 She looks amazing! 65!!!! I’d love to look quarter that good at 65 🙂

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  3. OMG I know Sharon I was just shocked altogether! Well atleast he can finally be happy! Only thing I would be reeking about is he left it so late in his life to do this yano? He should have went and done this much sooner if he was so miserable 😦


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