First impressions and my Review of Soap & Glory


Good Evening My Beauty’s 🙂

So I’ve just been hearing so so much about the Soap & Glory range that I felt it was about time I tried it out….FINALLY! Myself and my boyfriend were in mahon point going to the cinema to see Jurassic park…btw it was AMAZING, and so I popped into boots to have a nose through like always! Soap & Glory products were on offer for 3for2 the same day and my eyes lit up with excitement! This is the perfect time to get some stuff from there range and try them out at last! After what felt like an hour looking through all the different products and smelling almost all of them, I picked up the ‘Flake Away’ scrub, the ‘Righteous Butter’ and of course the raved about ‘Hand Food’. Probably the biggest reason for my choices was because of the smell, and omg do these smell absolutely gorgeous!! I even had philip smelling each product as I was going through them lol. The usual prices for these products are:

Flake Away €10.49

Righteous Butter €14.69

Hand Food €9.99

But with the 3for2 offer on the products i got them all for €25.18, which is fantastic!

I tried out all these products the minute I got home because I just get too excited and im like a child with a new toy that needs to be ripped open ASAP lol. I used the ‘Hand Food; the minute I got to the car and its unbelievable, so moisturizer and non greasy!I went in for my shower,shaved my legs and then applied ‘Flake Away’ as directed. It says to rub into the skin until all granules are dissolved. Now I did feel some stinging so maybe my skin was a bit sensitive to the scrub but I put the scrub all over and then rinsed it off! I got out of the shower then and dried myself off to apply the ‘Righteous Butter’ to my damp skin and rubbed it in 🙂 I actually cannot even explain how AMAZING my skin felt! The only way I can describe it is it felt like I had new skin and I even felt tingley because my skin felt so smooth and super clean.Then to top it off the SMELL is just BEAUTIFUL…I was literally smelling myself all night like!

Oh and just as a little side note, ive just realized that the lady serving me in boots never gave me boots points on my card 😦 so make sure you check before you leave that you got your points added on because there so handy 🙂

It’s a 10/10 from me guys and I would recommend these products to everyone!!! I cannot wait to get my hands on some more of the soap & glory range to review and test out for you guys 🙂

If you enjoyed my review then please share with your friends 🙂

All My Love,



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