Turning 23 and growing up


Good evening to all my beauty’s 🙂 I hope everyone is feeling okay after bonfire night last night, what with all the smoke around the lace lol. I always looked forward to bona night when I was younger but the feeling just hasn’t been the same for awhile… I guess it’s because I’m growing up lol anyways….

I turned 23 on June the 9th and it feels terrible to say I’m 23 😦 when in my own mind, body and soul I feel no more than 16. I feel like okay yes I’m more mature then I was at 16 but other than that I feel the exact same in every other way and it sucks to say and think about the fact I’m going to be 30 in less than 7 years. I’m not saying ‘well if your 30 your old’ or anything like that but it’s just I always felt like yes 30 was a lot older then I was so it was old to me but now I’m almost there yet I feel the exact same and it’s just strange to think about! It makes you think about life a little bit more in depth and shows how time can fly by so quickly while your going about your day to day work and errands.


I will always remember this, I used to go to town every Saturday morning with my Granda when I was in primary school, I would say I was about 7 or 8 for this particular memory, and we were walking home one day and I was telling him how all my class and I were dying to move up to the big yard, and he was just life ‘nichole don’t wish for that because you will be there before you know it and you will all be wishing to be younger again and back in the small yard I promise you’ I just started laughing at him and I was thinking to myself yeah right like. Low and behold three years later I remember us all wanting to be in the smaller yard and younger again and we were still only about 11. Lesson learnt I remember saying lol.


I guess my point is to that whole ramble is that your always going to feel and want to be younger no matter what your age is! The most important thing is that you have a great support group around you like friends and family, people you love and who love you because getting older ain’t so bad when you’ve got great company 😉 Thats why I love making a big deal for all my friends and family to come to my birthdays… Because I’m never going to be that age again. It’s also why I’m a picture freak lol because I love to have memories 😉

Let me know what you think guys and thanks for reading 😉

Lots Of Love



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