Instant Facelift Tricks

Hello Dawls,

So I guess no matter what age you are your always going to want to look your best. Some people do go to the extreme to achieve `beauty` were as here I am going to give you 5 tricks so you can achieve an instant facelift without the needles and surgery!

2                                  Balm-Mary-Lou-Manizer_new-beauty-products-treat-yourself

  • Brighten droopy eyes by simply getting your brows waxed into a shape that suits your face and plucking, which gives the illusion of lifted lids and having more skin showing at the browbone opens up the entire eye for a younger look.

eyebrow waxing and shaping

  • Go easy on the mascara or make sure you have a good mascara, there is nothing more ageing than the spidery clogged-lash effect. Rimmel have some fantastic mascara at reasonable prices! Here’s one called the The wonder`full with argan oil for €9.99. I actually use this myself and I found my lashes began to get longer and thicker from using it! you can find it here


  • I am sure everyone already knows this but actually doing it is another story! Drink up to 3 liters of water daily! This will completely transform your skin and you will have fresh clear skin with a natural healthy glow!


  • Last but not least, try to get at least 8 hours sleep every night. I know its hard guys and for most people its impossible but along with water this is a MUST! The difference a good sleep makes to you hair,nails,skin,life just in general is amazing! Why do you think they have the saying `get some beauty sleep lol! its worth its waiting gold so try it out!


Try them out and let me know how you get on 😉 or actually send me your selfie before and after of any of these tricks you have tried with a #BeautyByNichole on facebook 🙂

Lots Of Love



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