My Liebster Award

Okay so I have been nominated for a Liebster Award my a fellow blogger Jennifer Devitt, heres her blog if you want to check it out !

So basically for everyone wondering what a Liebster Award even is, it’s just something that bloggers pass around to each other so they can get to know fellow bloggers and also so their readers can get more of a personal view of the bloggers they tune into 🙂

Here are the 11 questions that Jennifer chose to ask me 🙂

1. Who or what influences my blog?

I love the whole beauty side of life and learning new things so I think thats sort of what influenced me to get started with my blog in april, to share what I know and ramble on to anyone who likes to have a read 🙂


2. Whats your must have beauty product?

Hmmmm now this is a tuffy since I love so many beauty products lol! I think it would definitely have to be Mascara! I love foundation and all the rest but when you think about it, you would look so incomplete and bald without mascara even if you had all the rest!


3. Favourite social network site to use for your blog?

Without a doubt it would have to be Facebook! I use all the others too like instagram, twitter, pintrest, but facebook is definitely my faves 🙂


4. What grinds your gears?

Okay well i suppose cyclists on the road absolutely wreck my head and I think it’s so dangerous! When people are cruel to animals is definitely my number one thou…I just cannot cope with cruelty!!


5. Worst fashion faux pas?

I think this would have to be when women wear animal print on top of other animal print…it just gets too crazy and confusing lol


6. Best piece of advise for your 17 year old self?

It would definitely be do not get with that guy and stay with his lazy ass for 5 whole years… but then again I wouldn’t be where I am now if that didn’t happen and I wouldn’t be after finding the man of my dreams 🙂 I guess everything happens for a reason!


7. Whats the best holiday youve been on?

Omg myself and my brother, mam and dad went to florida when I was 17 to go to Disneyland and we got a w=villa for the three weeks there! It was absolutely huge and we had our own pool and jeep and everything! It actually felt like we were Americans for 3 weeks! Best holiday ever!


8. Best way to spend a sunday afternoon?

I think this depends, if i was out the night before than more than likely spending it as a cheat day cuddled up with Philip and lazing around or else a spin to the country side if it’s a nice day 🙂


9. One piece of advice for a new blogger?

Take your time, make friends with fellow bloggers and remember its quality not quantity with posts 🙂

10. Favourite high street shop and best purchase from there?

River Island

River Island and the best purchase would have to be my jeans I absolutely love them! Great quality and really nice detailing

11. Your most embarrassing moment?

I think my most embarrassing moment was when all my class from primary school went for the school tour of carrig na bhear and I was messing with one of the boys and anyway I hit him and ran behind one of the girls then I literally went straight onto my back because I slipped on water. It was like in the movies, everyone just turned pointed and started skitting laughing at me….that was cringy!

Thanks again for the nomination Jennifer 🙂 Hope you enjoyed the read guys 🙂

Lots Of Love



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