Easy Ways To Eat Less Fat & Sugar


Hello Dawls :),

Okay so I have been doing some research on fats and sugar and how to eat less without feeling like your going cold turkey!

1. How to eat less Fats

  • Always go for the skimmed milk or semi skimmed milk, it has half the fat of full fat milk, but the same amount of calcium and protein!
  • Use an olive oil spread instead of butter.
  • Go for low fat yogurt or creme frais instead of cream.
  • Change to low fat cheese or else eat smaller portions of full fat cheese, which will give you a high taste factor for the calories.
  • Make your own salad dressing with olive oil, lemon juice and balsamic vinigear instead of using mayo or creamy ready made dressings.
  • Snack on nuts such as almonds and hazelnut instead of biscuits and crisps!
  • Have fresh fruit for dessert rather than cakes or chocolate.
  • Microwave, steam, boil or grill rather than roast or fry.
  • Reduce the amount of fatty meats you eat such as sausages and beef.
  • Measure oil for cooking with a spoon so you can control the amount your using.


2. How to cut down on sugar

  • Drink water or low calories drinks.
  • Get used to drinking tea or coffee without sugar- try cutting it down a little at a time so you dont have a heartattck lol.
  • Spread jam, marmalade and honey more thinly on your toast.
  • Try halving the sugar you use in recipes.
  • Choose cereals that arent coated with sugar or contain alot of added sugar.

I am going to give these all ago starting from today as ive joined the gym aswel and want to do it properly! This would be a great start! If your going to start aswel then dont forget to let me know how your gettiing on either on my snapchat – Colliie or else my FB BeautyBy Nichole 🙂

Lots Of Love



2 thoughts on “Easy Ways To Eat Less Fat & Sugar

  1. Thanks Denise 🙂 I know I’m the same but sure all the little things make a difference 😉 let me know how you get on 🙂


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