True inspiration from Kourtney Kardashian

Hey dawls💜,

Today I was looking through my Instagram, and I came across kourtneys page and I am just like ‘wow’ !!! She’s just recently after having her THIRD baby and she looks so fantastic! Now I know she’s a celebrity and of course everything is done for them and made a lot easier but I have been noticing that the Kardashian girls work out ALOT! I always admired Kourtney because I think she’s so down to earth and almost hippyish lol! But from looking through her Instagram I was like jeez you go girl! She has worked out and she has that flat tummy already! She looks fantastic and so healthy!! I think she’s a true inspiration guys, definitely makes me want to get my lazy ass up and workout more than I am atm👌

Heres some of her photos 😍




Lots Of Love,



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