Kim Kardashions recent purchase for north has caused major disapproval

Hey Dawls,


Kim Kardashions recent purchase for 2year old daughter North West has caused a serious stir throughout the internet! She has decided a personal trainer for north is a step in the right direction to instil into her 2year old some good habits.

An insider said “she has one of her guys work out with north at the end of her sessions, once or twice a week”


Hmmmm okay then what would the personal trainer actually be doing to PT a 2 year old?

“They teach her fun stuff like stretches and other basic aerobics,nothing strenuous”

Okay so it wasn’t as bad as I first thought lol thank god! I was picturing poor north becoming a fitness freak by the age of 3! Yes it would be healthy but that’s not what kids should be doing especially not that young when there bodies are still growing and changing! To be honest thou, nothing would Suprise me these days with celebrities! What do you think about it? How young is to young for training and getting fit?

Lots Of Love,



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