My Review Of Wild West Wings Cork City

This evening philip was feeling peckish well actually no lol philip was feeling staaaarving! He didn’t have any dinner and I was after going to my mams for roast dinner earlier! You know when your just like meh for a while and then the hunger just springs on you! Well he didn’t know what he wanted so we said we would go through town and see. We were passing down washington street and out of the corner of my eye I saw Wild West Wings and said what about there… Philip immediately was like ‘yaaaa’, so we parked around the corner and in we went!


When we walked in the door there wasnt much seating downstairs but it was full besides one seating area in front of the door, we were greeted by a lovely lady that worked there and she offered the seats by the door or to go upstairs, so we chose upstairs so we wouldn’t have a draft on us! The decor was really nice and went perfectly with the theme of the restaurant, more downstairs then upstairs I would say, but a great little extra was they played an american radio station which totally tied in all the elements of this restaurants theme!


We ordered a main course portion of buffalo wings which described them as crispy with spicy sauce so we said yeah that’s perfect! They also came with a portion of chips and some garnish. As I said before, I was after my dinner so I wasnt getting anything but oh my god when those wings came out they look so yummy! When I tasted the first one and I was like ‘This sauce is unreal’ its tasted tangy, salty and spicy which is right up my alley! the plate that came for one person could definitely do as a sharing platter for two with the amount of wings on it! The chips were pure homemade chips and also nice and crispy! I just cannot fault the wings in any way whatsoever! They were AMAZING to say the least! I will definitely go back there, and I will order the same thing lol! It all came to €13.50 too which was a good price considering the amount of food you get and the quality of the food! Thumbs up from me anyways guys and if you havent tried it then put it on your list 😉

Lots Of Love



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