My View On Arguements

Hey Dawls,

Today this topic just came to mind, well I suppose to be fair its something that’s always on my mind!

Everyone has a different personality and a different attitude to life. Theres not one single person on this earth who can stand up and say ‘I am Perfect`, Which is why I get so annoyed when people are so judgmental and are just plain and simple RUDE to others! Have you ever heard the saying ‘Those in glass houses, should not throw stones’ meaning jeeez like if you live in a glass house and your flaking stones at everyone else, then hello how stupid would you want to be? Your obviously going to be the next target and get hurt, aaaaaand your house is gonna be bust into smithereens!

I am quite a positive person, I am definitely a glass half full kinda girl and I like to see the best in people. Even if I get hurt, I am the most forgiving person you will ever come across once the problem is sorted between us. I like to move on and leave the past in the past were it belongs. My view on arguing is that it takes so much more energy to be angry then it takes to be happy and content. It turns you bitter and negative as a person and the worst thing of all, you lose so much time because of something that could have been sorted and let go! But again that’s just the person I am and the way I look at things, which I am not saying I am right by any means!! My way of thinking also has its disadvantages in the way because I so easily forgive and forget, then obviously I get burned! Which is one of the reasons I have trust issues! But I can’t change the person I am and to be honest I wouldn’t like to change it because that’s me that’s who I am! I suppose you could say im quite spiritual and maybe people would say im away with the fairies lol like my boyfriend who just can’t understand the fact that I believe in fairies….yes fairies lol I know it sounds crazy but in my world and my thinking its like, look how big the world is that we live in….thats just one planet…we barley know anything about our own planet and yet there’s so many more out there and galaxies and so on. Lol so my kind of thinking is probably gullible hahah but if you said something totally crazy to me then I wouldn’t rule it out until I looked into it…and even if nothing came back then I would think well we just don’t know like that could be out there somewhere!

Anyways I started waffling on there! My finishing point to you would be no matter what type of person you are whether its stubborn, angry, positive, negative whatever then just think…time doesnt last forever and do you really want to waste your time being angry and upset and not speaking to someone when you could use that energy to be happy and content??

I will leave you with a few of my favourite quotes here 😉 The Buddha is the man <3!!! Thanks for reading.

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 Lots Of Love,



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