My Blog Illustration

Hey dawls💜

About a month ago I finally got my blog illustration done. I was sooooo happy with it and to finally have my own! I went researching and came across a very talented Irish girl called Emma from  Emma Kenny Illustrations! That’s her fb page link were you can see a lot of her fantastic work!

I told Emma exactly what I wanted from my illustration and how I wanted it to look, she added every little detail from the way my hair looks, to the way my make up looks to my tattoo on my foot! When she has your illustration ready she sends it to you so you can preview it and maybe ask to make any adjustments if you’re not happy with something or want to change anything! She is such a professional girl to deal with and so so nice! She just oozes with so much artistic talent and I would definitely love to work with her again!

Emma draws illustrations of all the celebs also and believe me when I say she is going to be absolutely HUGE in no time because her work just speaks for herself! Even Kim Kardashian had liked some of the illustrations Emma has created of her👌! Go you Emma!!

Here are the illustrations Emma created for me 😍

image image

I would 100% recommend Emma and of you haven’t already then go check her out, I promise you will not be disappointed ❤️

Lots Of Love,



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