10 Snapchatters To Follow

Hey Dawls :),

So if you’ve been following my Fb or blog then you’ll already know how completely in love I am with snapchat!! I just love it because its a totally different type of social media platform! Its so raw and original…well to the majority of snappers anyway! Its the perfect time filler if your hanging around doing nothing or want to have a nose lol! I update my snapchat everyday, well at least I try to lol, my username is @Colliiiee , sometimes life just gets in the way! Most of the time my stories are definetly in the late 100’s seconds so your with me through almost all my day! I just wanted to share with you the top 10 snappers that I love to watch and a little snippet about them…Im not going to give you the obvious ones which your probably already following these will be all relativity new blogger snappers 🙂


Dale @monstermakeupxx

This girl is an absolute SPACER and also from Cork lol shes so funny and always full of energy!! She has a youtube channel too and is fantastic at make-up!


Kathleen @squidgemundo

I just enjoy watching her snaps and facial expressions and listening to how her day went! Such a nice girl and I have great chats with her! She LOVES expensive sunglasses also lol its her weakness 😉


Ciara @Ciara Brickley

She is so inspirational to watch and will make you laugh a lot lol! Shes so nice and has the cutest three little doggies! Tells you exactly what she thinks and whats on her mind!


Sara @sarawimm

She loves stationary and has some awesome notepads and is just so down to earth and friendly! She has two kids and is an amazing blogger!!


Lisa @Lisa Murphy

She has a little boy and has just given birth this week to another little boy so full time mummy here while looking gorgeous with her fab make up skills! Congratulations dawl!


Erin @chasingrubychat

She tells it how it is, is also a fellow youtuber! Shes so creative with her make up and a fab blogger! Makes some yummy looking food too !!


Stephanie @S2ubeautyblog

Similar to what I do work wise she is a freelance artist living in Limrick, such a sweet girl and fantastic at make up looks! Shes also new to the snap world so go give her an add!


Sophia @thepetitebelle

I love looking at her fashion sense because its just fab !! Really down to earth and friendly girl!


Grainne @tresbelle4

She has a little girl who is just beautiful with lots of curls!! Shes a fab blogger and a great snapper to follow!


Alison @alison2603

OMG I just love her accent, I could be wrong but I think shes from scottland? Shes soooo lovely and great to chat to! Always up for the craic


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