My Review On Bia Beauty Skincare

Hey Dawls πŸ™‚

I received some as it says on the box ‘Bite Size’ versions of the beauty skincare range to try out and test as you can see from the photo I took below πŸ™‚


Bia beauty is all about using ingredients that are good for the skin and you can actually eat if you wanted to because it’s designed to feed your skin! When Tracey, The founder of the company was explaining this, I was in awe at how organic everything was and so raw! The fact that she came up with this idea because she has a passion in this field I thought was amazing! I think now days everyone is looking for the purest and healthiest form of everything in every line wether it be beauty products or food! Tracey manufactures these products also in cork so it’s a local business!

I used the moisturizer, eye gel and lip balm every morning and night for two weeks straight and just found the results were amazing! The minute you apply the eye gel you can feel the area tighten so it would be great for regular use to get rid of or keep away wrinkles but also if you applied it before your make up it would certainly help tighten up the area πŸ˜‰ The moisturizer…OMG it just made my skin feel so unbelievably smooth, I couldn’t get enough of it! It also smelled lightly of mandarin without being overwhelming which was lovely! The lip balm comes in such a cute little tin which you slide to open! It smells like lime and is so yummy! It just glides onto the lips without making them feel sticky or greasy which is always a huge plus lol!


Its only €10 for the above little Bite size package so you can try them out. You can get itΒ Here! Sure why not….€10 for 4 mini products?? How could you go wrong!

I will definitely be picking up some more products to try out πŸ™‚

Lots Of Love,



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