Why I Became A Vegeterian

Hey Dawls,

This is just a quick little post I wanted to share with you about my recent lifestyle change

If you have been following my snapchat username @Colliiiee, then you’ll know that ive changed my lifestyle to become vegetarian very recently, today is my 9th day to be exact lol!


Long story short I have always been an extreme animal lover and always thought since I was small that I could easily be a vegetarian but I just never went ahead with it. I watched a youtube video were the girl was vegan and she had a clip at the end about a cow who had just given birth the night before, her calf was taken from her before he even had a chance to feed from his mother and put into the back of a farmers van..what i say next made me cry so badly 😦 the mother followed and chased after the van with her little baby in the back… tears were pouring from my eyes and so I said from that moment I was going to be a vegan! Now I haven’t had meat since I started but as you know, vegans don’t eat anything that comes from an animal so that includes all dairy,eggs and the sort. I wasn’t too bothered about that but obviously its harder when you’re so used to eating all that sort of stuff. I love eating salads with a tablespoon of extra light mayo which I continued to do so technically i am not a vegan YET lol.


My plan is to just stay away from meat for the time being, stay away from the dairy and eggs as much as possible and then gently ease myself into not eating any sort of dairy or egg! This is not a diet its a whole lifestyle change that I am excited to make so I don’t want to take too much on at once and just feck it all up lol so this seems like the best plan for me 🙂


I know a lot of people are like WTF when people talk about being vegan or vegetarian as if there the crazy ones…but when you sit down and really think about it, you’re the ones eating these poor defenseless animals when there’s no need to like at all! You can live a full and even healthier life on a non meat diet so the only reason you actually eat animals is because they taste super good. Its funny but the more I research about veganism and vegetarianism the more this just comes to mind…If you believe in the story about adam and eve then you will know it…adam was told not to touch this one forbidden fruit, he was then tempted by the devil saying basically like its super yummy just take it, adam eat it and basically ruined everything and was cast out from the garden… I feel like meat is that forbidden fruit and everyone just ignores the harm its actually causing to themselves and animals because it tastes too damn good. Lol I know you probably think im gone cray cray telling holy stories and stuff but im not, its just what keeps popping into my head the more I learn about this incredible lifestyle!

Anyways lol that’s why I became a vegetarian and I am in no way saying you should because that’s your completely your choice. I just wanted to share my journey so far and let you know I am really loving and enjoying it, besides im an animal freak lol I just love them ! Until next time

Lots Of Love,



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