My Review on Rimmels New Match Perfection Foundation

Hey dawls ❤️

The other day I picked up some goodies from good old fashioned boots lol! Boots is turning into another penny’s store for me lol 🙈 that’s not a good thing! They had on some fantastic offers you just cannot refuse! 2 for €12 on all Rimmel , 2 for €20 on Revlon and buy 1 get the second half price on the Real Technique Brushes ! This is all the stuff I picked up which I had posted on my snapchat , my username is Colliiiee


So anyways back to why I am even writing this post lol I wanted to try out the new Rimmel foundation for myself because to be honest I’ve heard both great and terrible reviews on it and so I wanted to test it out for you all so you would have an idea before committing to the purchase 🙂 It’s €9.99 for the foundation and €7.99 for the concealer.

I loved the consistancy of the foundation and found as it says on the bottle lol it blended perfectly into my skin with ease! I thought I would love the concealer a lot more though because of the tube and applicator being a brush but hmmm not so much. I just found the tube to be sort of hard to squirt out and I just find there isn’t much product in it, but I’ll keep using it and update you all on a later blog. The foundation lasted all day and night and didn’t go at all patchy or faded anywhere on my skin 👍! So for right now I would totally recommend the foundation but I wouldn’t rave about the concealer because for me it wasn’t anything special tbh ❤️

Heres a photo of the foundation & concealer on me ❤️



                                   Lots Of Love,



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