My Current Favourite Mascaras



Hey Dawls 💜

I just wanted to do a review about my two current favourite Mascaras that I actually use together lol and its been my first purchase of any  Essence Cosmetics     brand Mascaras 🙂

The first mascara which is in a pink tube and reads ‘I 💜 Extreme crazy volume mascara’ literally does what it says!


The brush is sort of rubber with short bendy bristles, which gives the lashes a lot of product thus making them appear a lot thicker and full of volume! It’s costs Only €3.49! The only problem I have with this is that it tends to give too much product for the look I like which is why I use this mascara along  with the next essence mascara I’m about to tell you all about 😘


This mascara I thought was very pretty and it reads ‘Lash Princess false lash effect mascara’. It reminded me ALOT of the ‘There Real’ mascara from Benefit!


The brush is long and sort of angled, getting smaller towards the nib, the bristles are perfect for getting just the right amount of product on each lash and extending the lenght! This mascara only costs €4.09 . I find using both Mascaras together gives me the perfect look, which is major volume without any clumps and lots of lenght and structure 😍

Final verdict…. There such a great affordable price , great quality and gives amazing results👌🏻

Lots of Love, Happieness & Peace




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