I am 22 years of age and I am an Irish beauty blogger based in Co. Cork Ireland. I come from a family were my mother is a hairdresser and owns her own salon and my auntie is a barber. Due to my mam owning her own salon I fell into the beauty industry very young and just adored everything about it as it became second nature to me! So before I even hit 3rd year in secondary school, I just knew what it was I wanted to do job wise when I finished! So I put my all into it and started picking up stuff from my mam in the hairdressers and working there every weekend, I also started doing make up courses at only 16 because make up was definitely something I had a huge interest in and wanted to learn more about it!

This year though ive gone freelance, so im completely out on my own in the big bad world lol and im loving every single minute of it! I set up a fb beauty page, uploaded photos of my work and BOOM it started rolling from there! I’ve only started blogging in April 15 and im really enjoying it! I love helping people out with products and recommendations and answering any questions they may have even the little ones that people think are too stupid to ask because there NOT stupid… if you never ask then you will never know 😉 !

My overall goal with my beauty page and blog is to be able to help out other local irish businesses, start-up my youtube channel so I can help even more people through video tutorials which are a lot easier to follow, and to over all just share with you all the information I know about the beauty industry, products on the market, beauty tutorials in hair and make up, celebrity styles and fashion! The fact that im actually a freelance artist i hope to be able to give you another angle through this beauty blog! I love what i do therefore your guaranteed to be regularly updated at all times !

As a person I am very friendly and extremely easy going! I love looking on the brighter side of life and making goals for the future so I guess im a glass half full kinda girl! I love learning new things about the beauty industry and techniques, then sharing them with all of you!

If you would like to contact me please feel free to email me:



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