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20 Week Scan Update

The photo above is us just a day or two before our 20 week mark taking in the scenery and documenting our pregnancy at Inchedonney beach ❀️

Today was the second time we got to see our little bundle of joy on the scan screen. Baby Rowe was ALOT more active at our 20 week then the 12 week scan… The doctor put on that cold jelly and started moving the thing around my tummy and straight away we both got to see our baby’s Β legs going mad lol kicking and moving and its hands and head 😍 it was such a relief because I was feeling so worried and really needed to see our baby to be reassured. Below is our 12 week scan ❀️


Basically between the hormones and just being in my own head over thinking everything (which sometimes I do) I just found it hard to switch off that feeling of “oh god will everything be okay” especially since being a first time mom I’m not 100% sure I’ve felt any movement yet even thou I’ve researched it so many times and knew it was normal not to feel anything for some moms till as late as 25 weeks … I was just thinking the worst because we really have been so so lucky with everything so far which we are so grateful for and definitely Β do not take for granted… You just hear so many scary stories of how couples hopes and dreams for there babies are smashed and destroyed before baby is even born and so I just wanted to be reassured that everything was 100% okay for us ❀️ Β Below is our 20 week scan.


Our appointment was at 9:50…. We waited and waited and finally got seen at 12 and we were out the door at 12:30 I’d say! To be fair the hospital was absolutely crazy and I think it’s fair to say there are a lot of new babies due for January & February 2017 😍 since I got to see our baby on that screen I cannot wipe this cheesy smile of my face😍 I actually feel so in love it’s crazy…. Our baby is wriggling mad in my tummy and I hope to feel it’s movements soon πŸ™ŒπŸ» were going to be a Mammy and Daddy…. It’s beginning to feel more and more real… Our next appointment is on the 29th of December so by then we will only have two months left… Once Christmas is here the time is just going to fly by which it has been doing already! Β Also I’m literally documenting everything on my snapchat so if you’d like to add me my username is Colliiiee

Bottom line is Baby Rowe we CANNOT wait to meet you πŸ˜πŸ’™πŸ’œ

Lots of Love, Peace & Happiness



17 Weeks Pregnant Update

Yup I’m 17 weeks closer to meeting my baby 😍…. How bizarre is that? I Nichole Corcoran, will soon have a little baby in my arms, and my own little family like jeez it’s just crazy!

How am I feeling… Well the huge plus is that I haven’t vomited like at all which I am so happy with… I have been feeling queasy and sick but haven’t actually gotten sick… A few girls contacted me through Snapchat, Facebook & Instagram who have similar due dates to ours and a few of them have said they’ve been none stop vomiting and can’t even eat 😳 the poor things, even reading it I was in bits imagining trying to work and carry on your daily routine while non stop throwing up! Some women are just troopers and I applaud you all β€οΈπŸ™ŒπŸ»


My tummy is growing and it’s so strange to see a bump and even feeling it… I can only imagine when it starts getting bigger and gets really hard! Before I got pregnant I was actually at the heaviest weight I’ve ever been… I just really could not loose it I had no motivation what so ever and I even got stretch marks because let me be real… I’ve been gaining and loosing weight since I’m younger… Constantly yo yo dieting… But never got to the size I was before pregnancy so my skin just had enough and couldn’t deal with the gaining and loosing so quickly! I was really down because of it and my weight but I’ve out all that begins me now and I’m happy with my body like hello it’s growing a human being right now and I know I will get back to being healthy when this little cutie comes along and loose it in a healthy way this time no fast fad diets! Β I’ve found I need to keep snacks with me to pick on throughout the day and a bottle of water because I get super thirsty so I try to have rice cakes in my bag at all times lol. I rest a lot more then i used to but when I’m working I don’t feel tired until I finish up which is great… So when I get home I just totally relax  😍

At 17 weeks I’ve read that baby can recognise your voice how cute is that 😍 and that between 17-22 is when mom feels babies first kicks… I’ve never been so excited to be kicked πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

My 20 week scan is coming up and were looking forward to that because it’s just another milestone Yano? All these things make it more real because I don’t know if it’s just me or is it everyone but it still doesn’t feel completely real? I don’t think it will sink in until we have our baby in our arms in 23 weeks time…. Jeez that even sounds like very little time… Honestly before I was even pregnant I always had this fear of when i would give birth in the future… I’m soooo scared πŸ˜“ right now I just haven’t been thinking about it but God Im gonna have to think about it soon so I can prepare!

Until next time,

Lots of Peace, Love & Happiness


Finding Out We Were Pregnant β€οΈ


Well, what a crazy experience that was for us both! Myself and my Boyfriend Philip are together since June 17th 2014, he’s currently 27 since May and I’m 24 since June and on February 22nd 2017 we are both expecting our first baby together πŸ‘¨β€πŸ‘©β€πŸ‘§! Words cannot even describe how excited we both are to start this amazing journey together and become one with our little loving family πŸ’.

So on the weekend of June 18th I was away in Waterford overnight for one of my best friends Hen Parties (Niamh) and so yes as you can imagine we were drinking since 12 that morning before we set off on the bus and then we went for a dance class… A meal and then all out to party the night away but for some reason I just couldn’t eat! Like I have a good appetite and I love food and I had a roll that morning and couldn’t manage anything else since… Even my meal I didn’t touch it and niamh had my desert lol my other bestie Kathleen was like wtf is wrong with you like why aren’t you hungry? I just laughed I really didn’t no why i wasn’t feeling hungry but at the same time I was pretty happy with myself that I hadn’t been eating all around me all day as usual πŸ˜‚! Even the next morning I was just in such a wierd mood which I just put down to a hangover which I don’t really get usually but the fry I filled my plate at the buffet and made a sandwhich and could only manage like 3 bites! Then came the dreaded bus journey home which just felt like a lifetime! A lot of us died a death on the bus and snoozed but there was still a few drinking and dancing lol I just couldn’t cope πŸ™ˆ I got so bad I felt like I would just vomit everywhere I couldn’t even talk to people I had to keep my head by the window and focus on the road passing! I even made a plan in my head that worst case scenario I would get off the bus and ring Philip and he would collect me because being in the car with him would be a lot better lol and he would calm me down and mind me but thankfully I got back in one piece and survived the journey πŸ˜‚!

So I’d say it was 4 days later the 23rd of June and my period hadn’t come yet and it was a few days late so I was worrying… I’ve had it be late before but never this late, so I rang Philip and was telling him and what if I’m pregnant and so on and he was like ‘Look just chill out you now for the evening and relax and I’ll go to the chemist on the way home and pick up a pregnancy test to prove to you that your not pregnant’ I was like okay perfect because I couldn’t even go buy one I felt so wierd like no it couldnt be like!

So he came home anyways went in and read the instructions ‘pee on the indicator and wait 2mins for line or two lines to show’ right so I peed on it put the stick on the bath rim next to me and the two of us just stared… Literally 2 seconds and the two lines came up showing I was pregnant 😦 Two of us just looked at eachother in shock πŸ˜‚ That can’t be right sure it didn’t even take the 2 minutes to show up so id say I done it wrong! Right lets go get another one cuz that’s surely not right!! Off out to wilton we went to boots to get a digital pregnancy test to be more accurate! Also got a mint ice cream each on the way lol so at the counter Philip is asking the lady about the test we already did at home while I’m standing there just licking my ice cream… Not a care in the world because I knew it couldnt be real! The two women behind the counter stopped serving other people because they were getting such a kick out of Philip asking was the test 100% accurate πŸ˜‚ I’d say they were saying those poor creatures don’t have a clue πŸ˜‚πŸ™ˆ!

Went home anyways peed on the digital one and it comes up saying please wait… Two off us just stared at that stick for a few seconds until PING ‘2-3 weeks’ comes up😳!!! I literally couldn’t even speak… It definetly hit Philip more then me at the start because I was in shock and not in a disappointed way but just in a oh my god I can’t believe This way lol… Philip was saying oh my god I can’t believe I’m going to be a dad while getting teary and that I don’t have to worry about anything he’s gonna be there at my side and to mind me through it all and so on… Still not many words from me… Until I clicked back to reality and though oh my god… Philip were having a baby 😦 We’re gonna be parents and have a family like omg! The both of us said we were just so so happy that it was with eachother we were having this experience with. I really couldn’t have picked a better partner to share a little life with and to be a daddy ❀️ And we both got a bit teary then but happy teary!


I went to the doctor a few days later and had to pee on yet another stick and get my bloods taken which I was dreading because I am terrified of needless and have never even had to have bloods taken before but my nurse was so nice and u see standing it was okay πŸ™‚ she confirmed we were 5 weeks pregnant at the time and have me some stuff to read through and later I got a date for the hospital appointment for my 12 week scan! So from 5weeks to after we had our 12 week scan we kept it a secret and had only told philips sister Colette and his brother Paul just because we knew they wouldn’t tell anyone. We really wanted to go around to our families and tell them all face to face ourselfs and we waited until the scan because we wanted to make sure every bring was okay πŸ™‚ which it was thank godπŸ™ŒπŸ»! We’re going to keep it a suprise wether were having a girl or a boy, something to look forward to 😍

And that is how we found out we were pregnant πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

Lots of Peace, Love & Laugher ❀️



Vegas March 2016


Hey Dawls :),

So March 3rd myself , Philip (My Boyfriend), My Mam, My Brother Jake, his friend Yann and my mams friend Samantha went to Las Vegas! It was such a last minute desicion for Myself Β & Philip that it all happened so fast! We were only in Vegas in November and now here we were jetting off there again! What were the chances like… funniest thing was Philips first time ever in America had been that November that we went to Vegas and now 4 months later we were heading back there again! My Mam had booked there flights because they had been there for Conor McgregorsΒ fight in Vegas before so anyways long story short we decided to tag along πŸ™‚ My Mam, Jake and Yann had tickets for the actual fight but we didnt so we just headed to a bar paid $25 dollars and watched it while drowning our sorrows because of the result! Im still raging poor Mcgregor 😦 While we were there I done some vlogging so im going to add them in below so ye can see what we got up to ❀

It was actually so much fun vloggling for a change as Ive never tried it before! Besides the rest of the group getting annoyed occasionally because I constantly had my phone recording something or other, it was great lol! I just kept reassuring them that they will be so delighted in the future when they can look back on there trip to Vegas πŸ˜‰

P.S Please subscribe to my YouTube Channel ❀

Lots of Love, Laughter & Peace





My 2016 New Year Resolutions

Hey Dawls ❀️

Hope everyone is doing well!

Im just gonna jump straight into this post. Every year we all want to change or add something to this fresh slate ahead of us… We’re no worries or problems or any dilemmas have occurred…YET!

Were all human and things are going to happen in or lifes that will have an effect on us… Wether that’s a good or bad effect… That my dear is just life! I love this saying and its so true !


My point is there’s no need to beat yourself up if it doesn’t go as planned… Because life doesn’t follow your plan!

My resolutions for this year are

  1. Spend more time with my family.
  2. Become a more kind and grateful person.
  3. Save majorly to build a house.
  4. Quit Smoking for GOOD!
  5. Loose 3 stone.

I am putting my all into these 5 goals I want to complete for this year because they all mean a hell of a lot to me and my happieness ❀️

Because of recent events in my family ive come to realise that life is Waaay too short… You can never tell what’s around the corner and life will certainly NOT wait for you… I’m going to strive to be the best version of me that is possible and enjoy every day now knowing how much it really means… That doesn’t mean I have to be a push over or keep everyone happy… I have a voice… I have an opinion and I have a say… I also only have a certain time frame to use this and im not going to waste that either!

You can be kind, generous, grateful and still have a voice ❀️

I will keep you updated on my progress on these resolutions throughout the year, but I would LOVE to hear what you’ve decided to add or change for the new year!

Lots of Love, Laughter & Peace,


Girls foolproof gift ideas 2015

Hey Dawls ❀️

Can you believe Christmas is already only 1 month away! It’s just crazy how the time flies! I think once the summer is over then Christmas is on top of you straight away, it comes so fast! So today I just wanted to share with you all my gift Wishlist for this Christmas, as you know sometimes it’s hard for boyfriends, friends or family to choose what to actually get you as a gift… Something that your heart desires and you will be absolutely weak for πŸ˜‰ Β im sure a lot of girls will actually agree with my Wishlist and use it as there own because I’m a real girly girl and so are the gifts I have my eye on πŸ˜‰

  1. imageimage

This beauty of a palette is currently on sale now at all Inglot stores worldwide 😍 it’s a bit steep I think personally at €75 but it’s just beautiful and the inglot products, especially there eyeshadows and stardusts are AMAZING! Okay the stardusts are just ugh they actually give me shivers of happiness πŸ˜‚ if that even makes sense! They are a must for any girl who loves glitter or makeup ❀️ There €16 each!


M.A.C Lipsticks in my book, have got to be one of the best lipsticks around for shades and lasting powerπŸ‘Š! Before you buy any thou make sure to take notice of the lip colour the person your buying for tends to go for… Or else just ask! I’m sure they would be delighted knowing there getting a Mac lippy for Xmas 😍 They are €20 each! If you maybe wanted to extend this gift then you could splash out on a lip liner and lip gloss to match !


Oh you would be getting it soooo right if you picked up literally ANY of these palettes for the mam, sister, aunty or girlfriend in your life lol! Even if I had the same palette I got gifted Id still be weak because I know Id use it! But maybe to be on the safe side for all these tips, get a girl to suss out the girl your buying for so it doesn’t seem so suspicious coming from you πŸ˜‚ just so you get them something they don’t have already ! These palettes range from €41-46❀️


Gift cards !!! I know a lot of people don’t like getting gift cards for people because they seem in personal but I personally LOVE gift cards lol! You can buy whatever you want and I always seem to forget that I have them so I et an even bigger suprise when I remember lol it’s great! Best ones to purchase in my opinion would be boots, pennys, ikea and any place she visits regularly that you know she would get the use from such as her hairdressers or beauticians or faveourite clothing shop πŸ™‚

Choose any of these and im sure the women in your life will be absolutely delighted with you ❀️ We all better get cracking with our pressies because it’s going to be here now before we know it ⛄️❄️

Lots Of Love,



Being A Make-Up Junkie

Hey dawls ❀️


My name is Nichole and im addicted to make-up of all shapes and sizes! I love to experiment new looks and trends and the list is just endless with what you can achieve using make-up😍 When passing a nearby make-up counter or shop I tend to shut my eyes super tight just to avoid anything that would no doubt lure me in to purchase ALOTπŸ™ˆ Β My list of products that I want and NEED in my life is just endless! Unlike a lot of others with this similar problem, I actually have an excuse… I’m a make-up artist and so its in my job description to love make up 😍 SWEEEETπŸ‘Œ My boyfriend asks ‘Babe what would you like for your Birthday or Christmas Present’ my reply you ask? Ummmmm of course MAKE-UP πŸ˜‚


Now I am faced with a huge problem… I’m heading to vegas with spending money saved just for shopping 😍 and all I can think about is bringing home a whole suitcase filled to the absolute brim with new foundations, concealers, eyeshadows, highlighters and lipsticks πŸ™ˆ Β I think this faith is inevitable to be honest… I cannot wait to play with all my new make up like a child on Christmas day opening new packaging, swiping and testing colours…. Uhhh it actually gives me butterflies of excitement 😍 Is that wierd lol? Are there fellow make-up junkies out there who feel just like this… Or am I a Lone Ranger in this department…. If so, oh well….more make-up for me πŸ˜‚πŸ‘Œ

Anyways, wish me luck on my voyage to newer, dazzling make up galoreπŸ™Œ I will keep you all updated with photos of course πŸ˜‰ and snapchat will be snapped to death πŸ˜‚ my username is @Colliiiee

Lots Of Love,