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The Disney Tag

Hey everyone :),

Yes its been awhile since ive been blogging…I just had so much going on lately with life in general that I honestly just couldn’t get myself into it for awhile….But im back 😉

Today I bring to you a Disney Tag which Erin has kindly tagged me in, if you want to check out erins tag post than here’s her link were you will find it Erin’s Disney Post ❤

Okay well if you know me personally, through work or just through my blog then you should have some idea how much I ADORE Disney !!! To be fair almost all my friends are in some way obsessed with Disney but I think im the worst! This year we even picked a Disney theme for our Halloween costumes… great idea from my friend julie…when she said it I was like ‘Ummmmmm Yes????’ Were all gonna go as Disney princesses and of course im Ariel because of the gruaige 😉 I will update you all on that soon 🙂 Now onto the tag ….

1. Favourite Disney Film?

download (1)

To this I would have to say Bambi…I am just in love with him like he’s just beyond cute and since im small the movie always just touched me…yes everytime I watched it…which was every night… I was bawling when his mam dies and my mam would come in freaking saying she’s turning it off because it’s not nice for  me to be upset… yet I still adored it ❤ Poor Bambi 😦 did I mention im also obsessed with animals lol? Maybe that explains it.

2. Favourite Disney Character?


Theres so many that I love that its super hard to choose…but I always loved Mufasa from The Lion King because he was so full of wisdom and so cool ❤ Yes I also bawl anytime he dies hahah

3. Favourite Disney Princess?


Hmmmm that’s a toughy…. My fave has to be Ariel though, I love that movie so much and how romantic is it she gave up the whole entire ocean so she could have a chance at love ❤

4. Rather Be Aurora Or Cinderella?

CinderellaRedesign (1)

Cinderella ❤ bipity Boppity Boo lol

5. Hercules Or Tarzan?


I think ive seen tarzan a lot more but im gonna go with Herculez… I love the whole Greek Mythology thang and love all the music in it 😉

6. Rather Be Lizzie Maguire Or Raven Baxter?

lol I loved both shows but i think Lizzie Maguire I could relate to more

7. Favourite Disney Song?

Bambi- April Showers

Aladin- Whole New World

The Lion King- Hakuna Matata & Can You Feel The Love Tonight

8. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Bestie?


Pochohantas for sure… I love how she’s so free willed and spiritual ❤

9. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Pet?


Bambi or else all the 101 dalmations 😉

10. Have You Ever Been To Disneyland?


Yes and I loved every second of it !!! I’ve been to Euro Disney twice and the florida Disney twice also and the one in florida is my faves! I would actually live there just for Disneyland alone lol! To this day it is my most fave holiday i have ever been on and im still planning to return at least a few more time hopefully ❤ My dream would definitely to either be engaged in Disneyland Florida or else on a farm with lots of animals around lol…yes im a freak haha

Thanks for reading my crazy ass Disney tag guys 😉 ill be back soon with another blog post ❤

Lots Of Love,