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Vegas March 2016


Hey Dawls :),

So March 3rd myself , Philip (My Boyfriend), My Mam, My Brother Jake, his friend Yann and my mams friend Samantha went to Las Vegas! It was such a last minute desicion for Myself  & Philip that it all happened so fast! We were only in Vegas in November and now here we were jetting off there again! What were the chances like… funniest thing was Philips first time ever in America had been that November that we went to Vegas and now 4 months later we were heading back there again! My Mam had booked there flights because they had been there for Conor Mcgregors fight in Vegas before so anyways long story short we decided to tag along 🙂 My Mam, Jake and Yann had tickets for the actual fight but we didnt so we just headed to a bar paid $25 dollars and watched it while drowning our sorrows because of the result! Im still raging poor Mcgregor 😦 While we were there I done some vlogging so im going to add them in below so ye can see what we got up to ❤

It was actually so much fun vloggling for a change as Ive never tried it before! Besides the rest of the group getting annoyed occasionally because I constantly had my phone recording something or other, it was great lol! I just kept reassuring them that they will be so delighted in the future when they can look back on there trip to Vegas 😉

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Lots of Love, Laughter & Peace