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Review: Lidl Macadamia Oil Hair Care Range

Hey Dawls 💋

Lidl Ireland are just excelling on every angle of the beauty range there banging out at the moment! I’m currently saving mad and so I have a budget every week but the prices they have for these new beauty products are just amazing and too hard to resist! I picked up all of the hair care Macadamia Oil range just to try out and review for you all before you part with your money 😉  I got the Shampoo, Conditioner, Bb Cream and Hair Oil Serum as you can see in the photo below 🙂


For the 4 products it all came to under €12! If that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is! I’ve used them all twice a week for 5 weeks, the Shampoo and Conditioner are now gone (and I use ALOT OF PRODUCT) and it seems I haven’t even made a dent in the Bb cream & Hair Oil Serum! I find that because of the oil in each product my hair is a lot easier to tame and goes more curly now then frizzy which is a big thumbs up in my book! My hair feels really really nice as of I’ve been applying treatments when I haven’t so that must be down to the be cream and oil 😍 My hair is thick , a bit dry and quite unruly so I use 3 pumps of the Bb Cream and 4-5 of the oil depending and I massage it all over! I would Definetly recommend if you find your hair is already oily or quite thin, not to apply this much product and to just keep it to the ends of your hair to avoid any extra oiliness on top 🙂 I use them while my hair is damp right after my shower but I also use the oil before or after straightening my dry hair if I want a shine or some extra softness 🙂

Heres my hair right after using all of the products 🙂 It may still look fuzzy to some but my hair is so thick when it’s fuzzy I look like Mufasa from the lion king so my hair below is actually so tame compared😂!


Lots Of Peace, Love & Laughter,



My 2016 New Year Resolutions

Hey Dawls ❤️

Hope everyone is doing well!

Im just gonna jump straight into this post. Every year we all want to change or add something to this fresh slate ahead of us… We’re no worries or problems or any dilemmas have occurred…YET!

Were all human and things are going to happen in or lifes that will have an effect on us… Wether that’s a good or bad effect… That my dear is just life! I love this saying and its so true !


My point is there’s no need to beat yourself up if it doesn’t go as planned… Because life doesn’t follow your plan!

My resolutions for this year are

  1. Spend more time with my family.
  2. Become a more kind and grateful person.
  3. Save majorly to build a house.
  4. Quit Smoking for GOOD!
  5. Loose 3 stone.

I am putting my all into these 5 goals I want to complete for this year because they all mean a hell of a lot to me and my happieness ❤️

Because of recent events in my family ive come to realise that life is Waaay too short… You can never tell what’s around the corner and life will certainly NOT wait for you… I’m going to strive to be the best version of me that is possible and enjoy every day now knowing how much it really means… That doesn’t mean I have to be a push over or keep everyone happy… I have a voice… I have an opinion and I have a say… I also only have a certain time frame to use this and im not going to waste that either!

You can be kind, generous, grateful and still have a voice ❤️

I will keep you updated on my progress on these resolutions throughout the year, but I would LOVE to hear what you’ve decided to add or change for the new year!

Lots of Love, Laughter & Peace,