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BRYT Skincare – Calm Serum Review

It was my first time trying anything from the Bryt skincare range and I had received this Calm Serum to try out for myself.


On first impressions I thought the packaging was really different and brightly coloured which I loved with a chrome lid looking quite expensive! The pump applicator was of the sturdy kind and not cheap and flimsy. The product inside (The most important part) was on the thicker end of consistency when pumped out and when spread on the face , 1 pump went quite far! When applicated it feels so smooth and sleek almost a mixture of a silicone based primer and a face moisturiser which I really liked. As it dries in it doesn’t make you feel sticky or clammy, it feels, again like a primer in the way it doesn’t make your face wet but givestgat perfect canvas for applying your make up.


The product details

You can purchase your Calm Serum Here for €24.50 which gives you 30g size bottle. The product is 98% natural and vegan which is a great plus while also being cruelty free 🙂  The benefits are that your skin is balanced and natural equilibrium rediscovered. It’s suitable for combination and oily skin.

I personally used mine on myself and my clients as a primer before applying make up 🙂

Lots of love, peace & happiness




Girls foolproof gift ideas 2015

Hey Dawls ❤️

Can you believe Christmas is already only 1 month away! It’s just crazy how the time flies! I think once the summer is over then Christmas is on top of you straight away, it comes so fast! So today I just wanted to share with you all my gift Wishlist for this Christmas, as you know sometimes it’s hard for boyfriends, friends or family to choose what to actually get you as a gift… Something that your heart desires and you will be absolutely weak for 😉  im sure a lot of girls will actually agree with my Wishlist and use it as there own because I’m a real girly girl and so are the gifts I have my eye on 😉

  1. imageimage

This beauty of a palette is currently on sale now at all Inglot stores worldwide 😍 it’s a bit steep I think personally at €75 but it’s just beautiful and the inglot products, especially there eyeshadows and stardusts are AMAZING! Okay the stardusts are just ugh they actually give me shivers of happiness 😂 if that even makes sense! They are a must for any girl who loves glitter or makeup ❤️ There €16 each!


M.A.C Lipsticks in my book, have got to be one of the best lipsticks around for shades and lasting power👊! Before you buy any thou make sure to take notice of the lip colour the person your buying for tends to go for… Or else just ask! I’m sure they would be delighted knowing there getting a Mac lippy for Xmas 😍 They are €20 each! If you maybe wanted to extend this gift then you could splash out on a lip liner and lip gloss to match !


Oh you would be getting it soooo right if you picked up literally ANY of these palettes for the mam, sister, aunty or girlfriend in your life lol! Even if I had the same palette I got gifted Id still be weak because I know Id use it! But maybe to be on the safe side for all these tips, get a girl to suss out the girl your buying for so it doesn’t seem so suspicious coming from you 😂 just so you get them something they don’t have already ! These palettes range from €41-46❤️


Gift cards !!! I know a lot of people don’t like getting gift cards for people because they seem in personal but I personally LOVE gift cards lol! You can buy whatever you want and I always seem to forget that I have them so I et an even bigger suprise when I remember lol it’s great! Best ones to purchase in my opinion would be boots, pennys, ikea and any place she visits regularly that you know she would get the use from such as her hairdressers or beauticians or faveourite clothing shop 🙂

Choose any of these and im sure the women in your life will be absolutely delighted with you ❤️ We all better get cracking with our pressies because it’s going to be here now before we know it ⛄️❄️

Lots Of Love,