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20 Week Scan Update

The photo above is us just a day or two before our 20 week mark taking in the scenery and documenting our pregnancy at Inchedonney beach ❤️

Today was the second time we got to see our little bundle of joy on the scan screen. Baby Rowe was ALOT more active at our 20 week then the 12 week scan… The doctor put on that cold jelly and started moving the thing around my tummy and straight away we both got to see our baby’s  legs going mad lol kicking and moving and its hands and head 😍 it was such a relief because I was feeling so worried and really needed to see our baby to be reassured. Below is our 12 week scan ❤️


Basically between the hormones and just being in my own head over thinking everything (which sometimes I do) I just found it hard to switch off that feeling of “oh god will everything be okay” especially since being a first time mom I’m not 100% sure I’ve felt any movement yet even thou I’ve researched it so many times and knew it was normal not to feel anything for some moms till as late as 25 weeks … I was just thinking the worst because we really have been so so lucky with everything so far which we are so grateful for and definitely  do not take for granted… You just hear so many scary stories of how couples hopes and dreams for there babies are smashed and destroyed before baby is even born and so I just wanted to be reassured that everything was 100% okay for us ❤️  Below is our 20 week scan.


Our appointment was at 9:50…. We waited and waited and finally got seen at 12 and we were out the door at 12:30 I’d say! To be fair the hospital was absolutely crazy and I think it’s fair to say there are a lot of new babies due for January & February 2017 😍 since I got to see our baby on that screen I cannot wipe this cheesy smile of my face😍 I actually feel so in love it’s crazy…. Our baby is wriggling mad in my tummy and I hope to feel it’s movements soon 🙌🏻 were going to be a Mammy and Daddy…. It’s beginning to feel more and more real… Our next appointment is on the 29th of December so by then we will only have two months left… Once Christmas is here the time is just going to fly by which it has been doing already!  Also I’m literally documenting everything on my snapchat so if you’d like to add me my username is Colliiiee

Bottom line is Baby Rowe we CANNOT wait to meet you 😍💙💜

Lots of Love, Peace & Happiness



The Disney Tag

Hey everyone :),

Yes its been awhile since ive been blogging…I just had so much going on lately with life in general that I honestly just couldn’t get myself into it for awhile….But im back 😉

Today I bring to you a Disney Tag which Erin has kindly tagged me in, if you want to check out erins tag post than here’s her link were you will find it Erin’s Disney Post ❤

Okay well if you know me personally, through work or just through my blog then you should have some idea how much I ADORE Disney !!! To be fair almost all my friends are in some way obsessed with Disney but I think im the worst! This year we even picked a Disney theme for our Halloween costumes… great idea from my friend julie…when she said it I was like ‘Ummmmmm Yes????’ Were all gonna go as Disney princesses and of course im Ariel because of the gruaige 😉 I will update you all on that soon 🙂 Now onto the tag ….

1. Favourite Disney Film?

download (1)

To this I would have to say Bambi…I am just in love with him like he’s just beyond cute and since im small the movie always just touched me…yes everytime I watched it…which was every night… I was bawling when his mam dies and my mam would come in freaking saying she’s turning it off because it’s not nice for  me to be upset… yet I still adored it ❤ Poor Bambi 😦 did I mention im also obsessed with animals lol? Maybe that explains it.

2. Favourite Disney Character?


Theres so many that I love that its super hard to choose…but I always loved Mufasa from The Lion King because he was so full of wisdom and so cool ❤ Yes I also bawl anytime he dies hahah

3. Favourite Disney Princess?


Hmmmm that’s a toughy…. My fave has to be Ariel though, I love that movie so much and how romantic is it she gave up the whole entire ocean so she could have a chance at love ❤

4. Rather Be Aurora Or Cinderella?

CinderellaRedesign (1)

Cinderella ❤ bipity Boppity Boo lol

5. Hercules Or Tarzan?


I think ive seen tarzan a lot more but im gonna go with Herculez… I love the whole Greek Mythology thang and love all the music in it 😉

6. Rather Be Lizzie Maguire Or Raven Baxter?

lol I loved both shows but i think Lizzie Maguire I could relate to more

7. Favourite Disney Song?

Bambi- April Showers

Aladin- Whole New World

The Lion King- Hakuna Matata & Can You Feel The Love Tonight

8. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Bestie?


Pochohantas for sure… I love how she’s so free willed and spiritual ❤

9. Which Disney Character Would Be Your Pet?


Bambi or else all the 101 dalmations 😉

10. Have You Ever Been To Disneyland?


Yes and I loved every second of it !!! I’ve been to Euro Disney twice and the florida Disney twice also and the one in florida is my faves! I would actually live there just for Disneyland alone lol! To this day it is my most fave holiday i have ever been on and im still planning to return at least a few more time hopefully ❤ My dream would definitely to either be engaged in Disneyland Florida or else on a farm with lots of animals around lol…yes im a freak haha

Thanks for reading my crazy ass Disney tag guys 😉 ill be back soon with another blog post ❤

Lots Of Love,