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BRYT Skincare – Calm Serum Review

It was my first time trying anything from the Bryt skincare range and I had received this Calm Serum to try out for myself.


On first impressions I thought the packaging was really different and brightly coloured which I loved with a chrome lid looking quite expensive! The pump applicator was of the sturdy kind and not cheap and flimsy. The product inside (The most important part) was on the thicker end of consistency when pumped out and when spread on the face , 1 pump went quite far! When applicated it feels so smooth and sleek almost a mixture of a silicone based primer and a face moisturiser which I really liked. As it dries in it doesn’t make you feel sticky or clammy, it feels, again like a primer in the way it doesn’t make your face wet but givestgat perfect canvas for applying your make up.


The product details

You can purchase your Calm Serum Here for €24.50 which gives you 30g size bottle. The product is 98% natural and vegan which is a great plus while also being cruelty free 🙂  The benefits are that your skin is balanced and natural equilibrium rediscovered. It’s suitable for combination and oily skin.

I personally used mine on myself and my clients as a primer before applying make up 🙂

Lots of love, peace & happiness




Image Skincare Biomolecular Anti-Aging Radiance Mask

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that these sort of sheet masks seem to be the newest product to hit all the skincare brands around! Image Skincare seems to be blowing up the beauty community in Ireland right now and is gaining more and more popularity each day! This sheet mask from Image Skincare claims to have

  • A unique, anti-aging hydrogel which infuses the skin with a fusion of volcanic water, brightening botanicals, peptides and antioxidants for the ultimate youthful appearance and radiance.
  • Increases hydration
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens and rejuvenates skin


You receive 5x 17g individually packaged masks for €52. From trying out masks from other brands I definitely found that this one from Image Skincare seemed to be better quality and more luxurious for sure! First off I think the actual packaging looks really professional and classy so its perfect for home use or stocking in a beauty business. When I opened the package and took the mask out it was literally dripping with product so it is completely soaked! The mask itself felt different also to others that I’ve tried as the side you place on your face is more of a gel consistency and feels like a really good quality! 


Yes you will look like (Jason) from that horror movie as my boyfirend told me lol! I applied it to my face and followed the instructions to leave it on for 25 minutes and once you remove it, to gently massage the remaining product on your face in with your fingers. My face definitely looked glowy and felt extremely hydrated so I loved it but I think if your skin was anyway on the oily side that this mask may not be best for you as once you remove the mask the product left on your skin feels quite heavy since its gel based. I would recommend to use this mask before bed so the heaviness of the product doesn’t bother you and you will also reap the most benefits of leaving it soak into the skin while sleeping. The next day I could really feel that my skin was a lot softer to touch and looked brighter!

You can purchase this set of 5x Image Skincare Masks HERE at Skinshop.ie. My overall view and recommendation on this product would be, if your looking for a sheet mask with a better quality and for a more intense treatment then I would go for this one. When you use it I would make sure you have a half hour free to lay down and leave it applied for the 30mins and to do it just before bed so the product remaining after you remove the mask can soak into the skin throughout the night! 

Lots of Love, Peace & Happiness


Catrice High Glow Mineral Highlighting Powder & Penny’s P.s Pro Foundation Review

I picked these both in Penny’s on one of my “Oh babe I just need to run in here and get socks that’s it” and come out with a bag full of goodies 😂! I literally should be barred from penny’s like I just can’t help myself, I get to the till and when the cashier says the total I’m like “ugh oh” 🙈!

Anyways I had read an article about this catrice highlighter a week or so before I bought it, claiming that it was amazing and sold out almost instantly so if you see it basically get it😂 that was enough telling for me… I had to pick it up and see for myself and you all if it was REALLY worth all the hype! So it cost €5.50 first of all which lets be fair, is an amazing price especially when it’s quite a big pan …. I was expecting it to be smaller so that was the first thumbs up! It’s so highly pigmented which is another big plus… For me the more pigment the better because I LOVE highlight on the face and you can use it in so many ways to give that gorgeous dewy look 😍 or become a disco ball lol whatever look your going for! The texture is so creamy it’s just perfect and glides so effortlessly onto the skin!  It’s a perfect I between shade of white and champagne 😍 I swatched it below so you can see for yourself before you commit to the buy 😉 I would defiantly re purchase this product 👌🏻



Next I picked up two foundations from penny’s, one from the P.s Pro range and the other from the ordinary penny’s range. So today I tested out the P.s Pro foundation which was €6…. Now for a foundation that’s cheap but I don’t know wether it’s just in my head that everything is so much cheaper in penny’s or what but I was thinking “jeez €6 for their foundation”… I really wanted to try it tough so I said feck it I’ll go all out 😂! I am super pale so I picked up the shade “porcelain” more often then none the shade even when it’s the lightest available is still too dark for my actual “Porcelain skin” thanks to being an Irish Redhead🙈! To my Suprise when I applied the foundation I was like “wow it actually matches perfectly” now that’s a first! The coverage was medium…it blended so beautifully without being cakes or too light… You could see a few of my freckles but it covered all blemishes and the majority of those freckles on my face 🙂 My skin type is combination lol which I also refer to as goldie locks….not too dry…not too oily 😂 so I found it perfect on my skin type but I think if you had really dry skin I would definitely moisturise and add some liquid highlighter in with it so it didn’t go cakey! I wore it all day and went to the cinema that night with the girls to see the Blair Witch Project….which consists of my with my hands over my face and even after that it looked perfect so great staying power ! Again I would defiantly pick up this foundation again and maybe in a darker shade for wearing tan or going out that’s how much I like it ❤️ 



Lots of Peace, Love & Laughter


Review: Lidl Macadamia Oil Hair Care Range

Hey Dawls 💋

Lidl Ireland are just excelling on every angle of the beauty range there banging out at the moment! I’m currently saving mad and so I have a budget every week but the prices they have for these new beauty products are just amazing and too hard to resist! I picked up all of the hair care Macadamia Oil range just to try out and review for you all before you part with your money 😉  I got the Shampoo, Conditioner, Bb Cream and Hair Oil Serum as you can see in the photo below 🙂


For the 4 products it all came to under €12! If that’s not a bargain then I don’t know what is! I’ve used them all twice a week for 5 weeks, the Shampoo and Conditioner are now gone (and I use ALOT OF PRODUCT) and it seems I haven’t even made a dent in the Bb cream & Hair Oil Serum! I find that because of the oil in each product my hair is a lot easier to tame and goes more curly now then frizzy which is a big thumbs up in my book! My hair feels really really nice as of I’ve been applying treatments when I haven’t so that must be down to the be cream and oil 😍 My hair is thick , a bit dry and quite unruly so I use 3 pumps of the Bb Cream and 4-5 of the oil depending and I massage it all over! I would Definetly recommend if you find your hair is already oily or quite thin, not to apply this much product and to just keep it to the ends of your hair to avoid any extra oiliness on top 🙂 I use them while my hair is damp right after my shower but I also use the oil before or after straightening my dry hair if I want a shine or some extra softness 🙂

Heres my hair right after using all of the products 🙂 It may still look fuzzy to some but my hair is so thick when it’s fuzzy I look like Mufasa from the lion king so my hair below is actually so tame compared😂!


Lots Of Peace, Love & Laughter,


My Slimming World Week 4

Hey Dawls ❤️

So I’m back to fill you in on how I got on with my week 4 on SW 👌🏻 I have also been asked by a lot of you to post what I’ve been eating during the week to give you all an idea! So I’ve done just that.

Okay so since I’m weighing in now on Saturdays I have my treat that night and this week it sorta went into the whole of the Sunday too 🙈 To be honest now I didn’t binge or gorge myself but I did enjoy what I wanted which was some munchies like chocolate and taytos, non diet fizzy drinks and we went to nandos which I’ve been missing the most I have to admit! It was beyond delicious and I didnt syn anything for those two days break! Since we’re saving for a house myself and Philip have decided to totally cut back and reduce to just 2 take aways a month which is huge because we were have 2 or even more every single week🙈!! And so nandos was our second take away for January 🙂

Everything in moderation is always the jey👌🏻 anyways so I kept a food diary from Monday-Friday so you could have an idea of what I was eating day to day on SW. I have it later out by the days and on each day I have Breakfast, Dinner and Snack wrote, I also wrote SP next to the last to days as those days were obviously while I was doing the stricter SP diet I was telling you about in my last post 🙂 hope it helps and makes sense to you all❤️

B- 4 medallions, 2 sausages, mushrooms
D- SW spaghetti Bolognese
S- 2x plum, raw carrot, mug shot tomato & herb pasta pot (free), orange juice ice lol (3.5 syns), Triangle of toblerone (3syns) werthers originals sugar free (0.5syns)

B- 3 medallions, 2 sausages, mushrooms 2 slices of nimble bread (HEB)
D- SW spaghetti Bolognase
S- skinny tea, plum, Coke Zero(free), mug shot pasta(free), 2x carrots, mini milkyway(3syns),

B- nothing
D- SW chicken curry rice & chips(4syns)
S- chicken salad, omelette with pepper onion and tomatoes, 2 hi Fi bars(HEB), orange ice lol(3.5syns),velvet crunch(4.5syns)

Thursday SP day
B- nothing
D- wrap, 1 sausage, 2 medallions, beans, mushrooms
S- hifi Orange bar(HEB), green tea, omelette with mushroom, onion, turkey and tomatoes,

Friday SP day
B- apple
D- (HEB) bun with tuna and salad
S- x2hifi bar(HEB), 2x slices of ham, small tuna tin with salad, stir fry with chicken (no noddles),


In total this week I lost 1lb, my goal again was for a 4lb loss and I was disgusted to see I only lost a pound when I stepped on the scale but you no what? It’s still a loss and I’m still happy with it because I’m loosing 🙂 I’ve also realised that if I want to have my two treat days some weeks then I’ll have to do more then 2 SP days to balance it out👌🏻 It’s all about learning what works best for your body and actually listening to it ❤️ In total I’ve now lost 8.5lbs which brings me to…. Yes Ive finally worked up the courage to share my actual weight with you all…. 207lbs! My goal weight overall is 165.5lbs so I’m trying my best to get there healthily and the right way! No more fad diets for me because they DO NOT WORK, in the long run they actually make you gain weight!

Im looking forward to sharing my next week with you all because this is really helping me along with my journey ❤️ And getting messages from you all giving me encouragement and praise and how I’m helping you just makes me so happy so thank you all ❤️❤️

Wishing you lots of Love, Peace & Laughter ,



Starting a New Make-Up Bag Recommendations

Hey Dawls ❤️

So one of my Clients has asked for recommendations on starting a new make up bag! So here are mine!

Okay so to start off you need a make up bag, and if your looking for something cute and a great price then look no further than pennys! They have so many designs your bound to find one you love!

Next would be your foundation. My absolute faves for foundation have to be Estée Lauder double wear €37 and Inglot hd matte foundation €31! There’s amazing coverage in both of these and they last ages!!

Next products would be your powders, such as you setting powder, bronzer, highlighter and blush! For a setting powder I would recommend Rimmel stay 25 hour powder to set your foundation it’s €8.99. Bronzer I would recommend hoola from benefit €30 , w7 bronzer €3.50, or sun shimmer bronzer €9.49! Blush I absolutely LOVE inglots number 28 blush for €12.

For your eyebrows and eyeliner I would most definitely recommend Inglots gel eyeliners there €15 and will last you soo long! I use no. 90 for my brows and I use no. 77 for my eyeliner👌 they have amazing staying power and so they will not budge once you’ve applied them!

So that’s your foundation, setting powder, bronzer, blusher, highlighter, brows and eyeliner sorted👌 there the most important pieces! The rest such as lipstick, mascara, eyeshadows you don’t need to shell out on… If you wanted to thou Id recommend MAC for lipsticks as I find them the best, for eyeshadows I love inglots freedom system were you buy the palette and can choose your colours and add or change as much as you like, Mac shadows are amazing and also make up geek👌! For mascara I tend to go for Rimmel ❤️

Anymore questions do not hesitate to ask ❤️

Lots Of Love,


My Review on Rimmels New Match Perfection Foundation

Hey dawls ❤️

The other day I picked up some goodies from good old fashioned boots lol! Boots is turning into another penny’s store for me lol 🙈 that’s not a good thing! They had on some fantastic offers you just cannot refuse! 2 for €12 on all Rimmel , 2 for €20 on Revlon and buy 1 get the second half price on the Real Technique Brushes ! This is all the stuff I picked up which I had posted on my snapchat , my username is Colliiiee


So anyways back to why I am even writing this post lol I wanted to try out the new Rimmel foundation for myself because to be honest I’ve heard both great and terrible reviews on it and so I wanted to test it out for you all so you would have an idea before committing to the purchase 🙂 It’s €9.99 for the foundation and €7.99 for the concealer.

I loved the consistancy of the foundation and found as it says on the bottle lol it blended perfectly into my skin with ease! I thought I would love the concealer a lot more though because of the tube and applicator being a brush but hmmm not so much. I just found the tube to be sort of hard to squirt out and I just find there isn’t much product in it, but I’ll keep using it and update you all on a later blog. The foundation lasted all day and night and didn’t go at all patchy or faded anywhere on my skin 👍! So for right now I would totally recommend the foundation but I wouldn’t rave about the concealer because for me it wasn’t anything special tbh ❤️

Heres a photo of the foundation & concealer on me ❤️



                                   Lots Of Love,


Il Padrino Ristorante Cork Review

Hey Dawls,

Last week Philip came up with a great idea to just head into town, have a nice meal and some drinkies 🙂 Totally random but aren’t they always the best nights 😉

So we decided to try out Il Padrino for the first time which is located at 21 Cook Street.

The minute we even got in the front door we were greeted and had some craic telling us ‘no reservation lads no? sorry can’t help ye’ lol he was messing, he sat us down to our table by the window. Straight away the atmosphere was magical because I actually felt like I was abroad between the decor of a typical Italian restaurant and the candle on the table it was just beautiful and had a great vibe!


Philip being the bestest boyfriend ever as usual, ordered a bottle of prosecco for us which was so yummy and just with the setting and everything it was really romantic!

11938847_10153308791574864_852098164_n 11944890_10153308791579864_1608302637_n

We had a major nose through the menus to see what we were going to have, because im now vegan/vegetarian I had to be carefull with what I ordered, but they were so helpful and kind! The man serving us was literally so nice every time he left the table I was like ‘awwww’. We went with these two meals Carbonara for Philip and Fussili Premevera for myself 🙂

 11943366_10153308791519864_1044535845_n 11950996_10153308791489864_1523190696_n

When the food was dropped down to our table myself and Philip were drooling! It just looked and smelt amazing, we couldn’t wait to eat it but of course I had to take a photo first 😉

11948032_10153308791609864_6115894_n 11950915_10153308791594864_678276414_n

Okay so when I say it was delicious, I mean absolutely divine!! It tasted even better than it looks if that’s even possible! We were able to just chill out and have our chats while sipping on our presecco afterwards and enjoy every minute of it. It was so relaxing and romantic. I would definitely recommend this restaurant if you haven’t tried it our yet, perfect for date nights 😉 The staff went up and beyond to cater to us and even gave us two free shots of some sort which was so nice of them.

11992414_10153308791739864_186032824_n 11940708_10153308791714864_107501283_n

We will definitely be back soon Il Padrino , that’s a promise 🙂

Lots Of Love,


My Review on Tantastic Liquid Tan

 Hey Dawls💜

Today’s blog post is all about tan! I received This liquid ran and mitt from Tantastic in a goody bag at the Cork Bloggers Event! I couldn’t wait to try it out because I’ve never actually used this brand of tan before!


Before I applied this tan I followed the instructions which indicted to have your shower, any waxing or shaving done at least 24 hours before applying it! Give you skin a moisturize especially around dry skin problem areas such as knees, elbows and ankle where you could get tan build up! When I was applying it I also used there mitt! The tan as it says on the bottle is liquid so if your used to a more creamy or mousse texture then be warned to be carefull lol because it’s very runny, so make sure to keep the bottle close to the mitt when pouring it out to avoid any spillage and then squeeze the mitt so it will soak it in before applying to the skin!

I applied it all over my body just so I could give the best review! It turned out amazing on me! No streaks what so ever and a beautiful colour 😍! The best about the liquid tan is that you can build up the colour if you want it to be darker which is great because not everyone wants the same shade of tan👌! It’s rare for tan not to go streaky or patchy on me because I am so pale! So it is a lot harder because to build up the colour is a lot harder when you don’t have a dark base! The tan is fading amazing without going dirty looking and I have to say I think this is the best tan that I’ve come across so far! When you apply it you will see the colour guard so that you know were you’ve put it! I started building it and I loved the way the colour came out and as the night went on it began getting darker as it developed and I was in love with the shade 😍 I would say it takes roughly 4 hours to develop 👌

Its €20 for the Liquid tan and its €5 for the tanning mitt which worked perfectly for me 🙂 You can get these online on there site Here with free postage to the uk and Ireland 🙂

Heres my before & after without any filter!


I will 100% be picking up more of this tan and I will also be trying out some of the other products such as the glitter spray for your body 😍!

Lots Of Love,



As of April 1st 2015, Any items that have been gifted, sent or given to me in consideration for a product review, I will always give my 100% opinion on any product that I feature. If I believe that the product was no good, I wont feature it and I will tell you what I thought was wrong and how I think you could make this product better! My opinion will never be biased or swayed by any PR relationship, I am here to review your product and tell you exactly what I think because I will not promote something I wouldn’t use myself!

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