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BRYT Skincare – Calm Serum Review

It was my first time trying anything from the Bryt skincare range and I had received this Calm Serum to try out for myself.


On first impressions I thought the packaging was really different and brightly coloured which I loved with a chrome lid looking quite expensive! The pump applicator was of the sturdy kind and not cheap and flimsy. The product inside (The most important part) was on the thicker end of consistency when pumped out and when spread on the face , 1 pump went quite far! When applicated it feels so smooth and sleek almost a mixture of a silicone based primer and a face moisturiser which I really liked. As it dries in it doesn’t make you feel sticky or clammy, it feels, again like a primer in the way it doesn’t make your face wet but givestgat perfect canvas for applying your make up.


The product details

You can purchase your Calm Serum Here for €24.50 which gives you 30g size bottle. The product is 98% natural and vegan which is a great plus while also being cruelty free 🙂  The benefits are that your skin is balanced and natural equilibrium rediscovered. It’s suitable for combination and oily skin.

I personally used mine on myself and my clients as a primer before applying make up 🙂

Lots of love, peace & happiness




Image Skincare Biomolecular Anti-Aging Radiance Mask

I’m sure you’ve all noticed that these sort of sheet masks seem to be the newest product to hit all the skincare brands around! Image Skincare seems to be blowing up the beauty community in Ireland right now and is gaining more and more popularity each day! This sheet mask from Image Skincare claims to have

  • A unique, anti-aging hydrogel which infuses the skin with a fusion of volcanic water, brightening botanicals, peptides and antioxidants for the ultimate youthful appearance and radiance.
  • Increases hydration
  • Reduces fine lines and wrinkles
  • Brightens and rejuvenates skin


You receive 5x 17g individually packaged masks for €52. From trying out masks from other brands I definitely found that this one from Image Skincare seemed to be better quality and more luxurious for sure! First off I think the actual packaging looks really professional and classy so its perfect for home use or stocking in a beauty business. When I opened the package and took the mask out it was literally dripping with product so it is completely soaked! The mask itself felt different also to others that I’ve tried as the side you place on your face is more of a gel consistency and feels like a really good quality! 


Yes you will look like (Jason) from that horror movie as my boyfirend told me lol! I applied it to my face and followed the instructions to leave it on for 25 minutes and once you remove it, to gently massage the remaining product on your face in with your fingers. My face definitely looked glowy and felt extremely hydrated so I loved it but I think if your skin was anyway on the oily side that this mask may not be best for you as once you remove the mask the product left on your skin feels quite heavy since its gel based. I would recommend to use this mask before bed so the heaviness of the product doesn’t bother you and you will also reap the most benefits of leaving it soak into the skin while sleeping. The next day I could really feel that my skin was a lot softer to touch and looked brighter!

You can purchase this set of 5x Image Skincare Masks HERE at Skinshop.ie. My overall view and recommendation on this product would be, if your looking for a sheet mask with a better quality and for a more intense treatment then I would go for this one. When you use it I would make sure you have a half hour free to lay down and leave it applied for the 30mins and to do it just before bed so the product remaining after you remove the mask can soak into the skin throughout the night! 

Lots of Love, Peace & Happiness


Ziaja Cucumber & Mint Range


I must say, when I first heard the combination of cucumber and mint for ziaja’s new skincare range I was wondering how it would work. I would have never even thought of putting these two ingredients together other than to make a detox water! Wow was I pleasantly surprised when I received these three products. First off I was dying to stick my nose into them to see what they would actually smell like… one word…. AMAZING! They smell so fresh, clean and very refreshing which is always a great sign for any skincare products! This winning combination moisturizes, protects and soothes the skin of any irritations!


Cucumber Mint Body Lotion 200ml €5.99

The body lotion has a spray nozzle which makes for super easy application! I personally like to spray a few areas and then rub it all in at once which makes the process a lot faster and so it saves time as it sinks straight into the skin! It would also be a great product to bring along with you on holidays as it immediately moisturizes the skin and reduces roughness so you can have some smooth skin while you wear your holiday shorts and dresses…something we don’t get the pleasure of wearing much in Ireland unfortunately due to our unpredictable weather!


Cucumber Mint Face Cream 50ml €3.99

This is an ultra-light face cream which nourishes the skin and gives a beautiful refreshing fragrance that isn’t over powering by any means. In my opinion it’s quite like Goldie Locks in the tale of the three bears ‘Its just right’ lol. It doesn’t feel anyway greasy on the skin like some other heavier moisturizers , it’s so light once you’ve rubbed it into your skin it feels automatically hydrated but as if you’ve got nothing on which makes this product a great one for men also as we know it can be tough work to get them to take care of their skin.


Cucumber Mint Micellar Gel 200ml €3.99

First things first, it makes my skin feel so so good I’m really enjoying using it! the fragrance is also refreshing but not as scented as the other two products! I love how fresh my skin feels after I’ve used this product especially if I’ve been wearing make up, I find it really helps to get off all the products I’ve applied! The only downside I would have about this also happens to be an upside… my usual routine for taking my make-up off is just using a soft facial cloth with some micellar water , were as with this product it just takes a bit more effort as I have to stay in the bathroom and apply and wash it off but as I said.. the upside to that is its making me get into a proper more dedicated skincare routine!

I have to say, I really loved all these products and Ziaja is such an affordable brand I would definitely recommend trying them for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

Lots of Love, Peace & Happiness